Welcome  to Full of Life Chai & Hot Chocolate blends

We have been making Chai blends since we started our Organic Plant Based Whole foods Cafe in 2015 and due to addictive popularity have increased our range since opening our 2nd Cafe.

Our blends are all made from Certified Organic ingredients and have many health benefits. 

Our Blends

We currently have 4 delicious blends in our range, starting with Chai Spice Blend, which is our original and extremely popular blend. It includes 7 spices, that create the perfect balance of taste and body enhancing health benefits.

Our Chocolate Chai & Turmeric Chai are based on our Chai spice blend but with added Cacao or Turmeric to further enhance your experience and your well-being.

For those who love their Hot Chocolate, this is a divine and smooth blend that warms the heart and leaves you satisfied, but wanting more.

Let us share with you, what so many of our customers are enjoying through our Cafes.

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​Taste the difference of a Full of Life Chai, Turmeric Chai, Chocolate Chai or Hot Chocolate blend, while enjoying the wonderful health benefits!