Hi we are Michelle and Jason Tong and we started and own Full of Life Organic cafes, which are 100% Gluten Free & Plant Based. 

Because of our passion for providing people with nutrient dense real food, it is all made inhouse including cold pressed juices. Our Holistic approach, to nourish from nature to enhance your well-being, is testament to our beliefs of looking after our Earth, its environment and your health, for the benefit of all generations. 


We are passionate about our world and all the beautiful miracles of nature. We are also passionate about returning our food back to what nature intended (as our Great Grand parents enjoyed), free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and GMO free. Not only are these modern methods detrimental to our environment including our waterways but also our health, due to the toxins absorbed through our food supply. 

By supporting Organic farmers we are voting for a return to a healthier world.

Did you know that studies have measured energy frequencies in organic fruit & veggies yet non organic fruit & veggies show no signs of energy frequency?

Lift Your frequency with us! Enjoy the Plant based lifestyle, because its not what you "give up" its what you "gain “.

Gluten & dairy intolerances including body inflammation have also increased. Having all our food 100% Gluten and Dairy free our customers who might otherwise have to choose only one item from the menu, can choose everything on our menu. It has taken over 2 years developing food that doesn’t contain Gluten yet tastes and looks awesome. We also use whole foods that are nutrient dense as we care about not only our health but our customers too- We practice what we preach and won’t settle for less!

We also give back to our community and extended community with donations to Mentoring Programs (Men of Business),  Opportunity International Australia(helps families living in poverty) and Sea Shepherds collection boxes. We have also won regional environmental awards in previous businesses.

Come and love life with us and enjoy our delicious Chai & Hot Chocolate range we have developed, like so many of our customers are already enjoying the delicious taste and health benefits.

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​Taste the difference of a Full of Life Chai, Turmeric Chai, Chocolate Chai or Hot Chocolate blend, while enjoying the wonderful health benefits!